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Literatus Editing & Prose

Guiding Authors on Their Journey

I’m the Gandalf to your Frodo.
While it is you who must carry the manuscript to publication, I’ll advise and guide you on the journey.

Whether coaching you through the development stage or polishing the final manuscript, I use my industry experience as both an editor and project manager to ensure the final product is the best it can be—not to mention timely! My aim is to make it shine while maintaining your own personal style. A good editor doesn’t seek to change what makes the story or book unique to you, rather a good editor will work with you to make it stand out (in a good way).

We are a team.
A fellowship, if you will.

So let’s set out on this journey, together.


Sentence-level editing, fine-tuning of a completed work.​​ Sometimes called line or mechanical editing.


Content editing on elements of storytelling, structure, and style.​ Sometimes called substantive, content, or structural editing.


Development and management of paperback, hardcover, and ebook layouts.


Final edit for surface-level errors before publishing. Typically takes place after formatting.


Tailored assistance in the creation and development of your manuscript, from idea to published book. Sometimes called writing coaching or a book sherpa.


From creative to technical, services vary.​

Kyle Marie

A “literatus” is a person interested in the arts and literature. I have been a member of the literati since I learned to read at a young age. My appetite for books knows no bounds. My passion for literature soon transferred to my studies where I changed directions from business to English literature. After graduation, the business side pulled me back in where I quickly climbed the ladder to Project Management. Luckily, I was able to continue writing and editing with a diverse set of documentation and business-related work.

I have taken the opportunity to shift directions back to my true passion: editing and writing full-time—honing my skills with the help of a certificate program and constant reading about the craft. I am confident that my gregariousness and approachable style combined with my expertise and experience make me a great choice to help you finish or polish your work of art.

Besides being a lover of books, here are some other fun tidbits about me. I was born and raised in the great state of Iowa. Go Hawkeyes! I live with my husband, two sons, and labrador (Rosie Cotton) in the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina. When I’m not reading or editing, you can find me writing, playing video games, or knitting.


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