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Literatus Editing & Prose

Guiding Authors on Their Journey

I’m the Gandalf to your Frodo.
While it is you who must carry the manuscript to publication,
I’ll advise and guide you on the journey.

Whether coaching you through the development stage or polishing the final manuscript, I use my industry experience as both an editor and project manager to ensure the final product is the best it can be—not to mention timely! My aim is to make it shine while maintaining your personal style. A good editor doesn’t seek to change what makes the story or book unique to you; they will work with you to make it stand out (in a good way).

We are a team.
A fellowship, if you will.

So let’s set out on this journey, together.


Sentence-level editing, fine-tuning of a completed work.​​ Sometimes called mechanical or line editing.


Content editing on elements of storytelling, structure,
and style. Sometimes called substantive, content, or structural editing.


Conference or classroom speaking engagements.


Final edit for surface-level errors before publishing. Typically takes place after formatting.


Tailored assistance in the creation and development of your manuscript, from idea to published book. Sometimes called writing coach or book sherpa.


From creative to technical, services vary.​

Intelligent, responsive, insightful and competent…these are some of the attributes a writer looks for in an editor. Kyle Marie brought these qualities to bear as we worked together. Kyle Marie, as it turns out, is also humorously diligent, absurdly honest, and genuinely caring in her feedback and suggestions. A writer hopes (and prays) for such assistance.
I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend her services to any writer. She will help make whatever you’ve written better and the self-publishing process smoother and simpler.
Kyle Marie is a wonderful editor. She takes time to listen and understand the heart of the story I am writing. I was delighted at the speed in which she was able to return such detailed guidance, such as areas of concern that needed to be cleaned up or required further fleshing out, and focus on not abandoning parts of the story. She also highlighted strengths. Her feedback helped me immensely in my world building.
I really appreciate the time and attention she devoted to me. She was patient and willing to work with a night owl author! She really understood me, and I will continue to work with her on my future work!
Elle Gregory
I was thrilled with the copyedit Kyle Marie did for my novel. She is the best type of editor—one with a great eye for detail and a strong knowledge of style/grammar/writing... but also someone who embraces what's on the page and tries to help carve out the best version of the work and author's voice.
Any author would be happy to have such care/attention on their 'babies'.
Highly recommended.
Jamie Nash
Author and Screenwriter
I have the best editor in the world! Kyle Marie is the ONLY editor I will work with. She did more than an excellent job with my books. She has the expertise and the professionalism to make all your work come to life. She is very timely with her work. She will help you step by step to get your book out there. She is not going to charge you for advice or recommendation; she will give suggestions and ideas to help with the process. Trust me, she will make you feel comfortable and at ease knowing that you have her as your editor.
Jason Huey
Kyle Marie did an excellent job of polishing my magazine article. Every one of the points and suggestions she made I accepted. Her comments and suggestions did not affect the tempo nor the voice of my style. I had polished the article, but Kyle made it gleam. I unhesitatingly recommend her to anybody needing a good editor in a variety of literary fields.
Joel Haas
Freelance Writer
I believe Kyle Marie's editing made my book better. She has a great eye for detail. She made herself readily available for questions and provided timely feedback. I look forward to working with her on future projects.
Renée Filippucci-Kotz
Children's Author

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