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Workshop Presenter & Writing Instructor

If you are looking for someone to speak at your next networking event or conference or teach writing in a classroom or workshop setting, I offer a variety of topics and lengths. Depending on location, I am available to travel or appear via Zoom or Google Meet. For any inquiries, please email me at

Example Classes & Presentations

Creative Writing

Foundational 5Cs, crafting immersive settings, developing memorable characters, understanding scenes and sequels, and structuring compelling plots.


Mining memories, crafting them in a meaningful and engaging way to create a powerful narrative, developing settings, and writing about others.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Developing people, cultures, and settings to create an in-depth and varied world with maps, timelines, creatures, magic, and rules to create a believable world.

Writing Tips

Creating and maintaining writing habits and routines, overcoming writers block, taking an idea to a developed concept, and freewriting prompts.


Ins and outs of publishing through Amazon, from editing and formatting to launching and marketing, and the many steps and decisions in between.


How to get started in freelance editing, style guides, training, starting a business, finding clients, professional associations, and marketing yourself.