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Scrivener 3 For Windows Finally Available

Writers have been using Scrivener for years. Over a decade in fact. Mac users have been enjoying the more streamlined and modern version 3 since 2017. Windows users were left hanging. That was until April of 2021. Scrivener 3 is finally released on Windows!

Scrivener 1 vs. Scrivener 3

Windows users jumped version 2 thanks to the long development process, so don’t worry about having missed an update. The most noticable difference is the user interface. The design has been streamlined and is more modern. The addition of a styles system means it’s much easier (and appealing) to format. Other changes include:

  • Redesigned compile
  • Dialogue Focus
  • Improved export for ePub 3 and Kindle
  • Color-coded index-cards
  • Arrange by Label mode on the corkboard
  • Improved outlining
  • Custom pop-up lists, checkboxes, and date fields
  • Writing history
  • Improved project notes with the new bookmarks tool
  • View up to four documents at once
  • Dark mode
The image shows the layout of text in Scrivener 1. It spans the entire length of the screen.
Original Scriver 1 Layout
The image shows the layout of text in Scrivener 3. It appears centered and much slimmer than the original layout but more streamlined.
Scrivener 3 Layout

Note that if you open one of your old files in the new version, you will get a notice about project notes being moved. However, they do offer to make a backup copy of the original file.

A popup from Scrivener 3 tells that the project notes have been moved the the binder and added to project bookmarks.
Project Notes moved when opening an old file.

Why Writers Should Get Scrivener 3?

Long have writers shouted the usefulness of Scrivener, so let me summarize some of the great features.

  • Keep track of research, make notes, and write all in one place
  • Move chapters around easily with the corkboard
  • Organize with the binder system
  • Set goals and track targets
  • Use the split screen to work on multiple files at once (or have notes open while writing in the other)
  • Add comments, revision notes, or questions in the inspector sidebar
  • Import research from anywhere
  • Color code!
  • Use composition mode for less distraction
  • Visualize your story with the corkboard or outliner modes
  • Take snapshots to save previous revisions
  • Compile and export your story in multiple formats
  • Autosave your work

Of course, this software might not be for everyone. While there are ways you can use Scrivener simply, there are a lot of options and features, which may be overwhelming for some. And while the composition mode can remove distractions, it might not be enough for you. It is best for long documents and notes.


Previous purchasers should have received an email about an upgrade. If you purchased Scrivener 1 for Windows on or after November 2017, you can upgrade for free. If you purchased it before November 2017, you still qualify for a 49% discount on the normal $49 price.

How to Get Scrivener 3 for Windows

Scrivener 3 is available for download directly from the Literature and Latte website. After downloading, you can check for your discounted upgrade by opening the new version. Once the trial dialogue box opens, select “Upgrade from an older version.” Enter your email address to check for your discount.

No matter how you write or what you use to write, remember it’s about the act of getting the words out. Happy Writing!

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