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The TAF Reader: Books on a Freelance Writer’s Shelf

Books help shape our lives. For many of us, reading has led to the creative passion of writing. Some have been lucky enough to turn that passion into a career. But whether you’re a writer, editor, or reader, the books of your past have likely affected your future. I and a group of writers in the Triangle area pooled our stories and put out a collection on just that topic.

The TAF Reader

Getting lost in books saved many readers from sad childhoods. Books invite many to escape to any destination of their dreams. Children have been named after favorite authors. Home libraries, large or small, contain the world inside the covers of the book. We are fortunate to have books easily available, to read and reread, to wear away a bad day, to give us advice, knowledge, and pure enjoyment. Enjoy our stories from TAF members written especially for you. Reading books can lead to being a writer! Our writers’ stories are full of passion, curiosity, imagination, adventure, and seeking more.

The collection is available in paperback on Amazon.

Books on a Freelance Writer’s Shelf

The collection brings together stories, essays, and poems from eighteen writers, each sharing how books have had an effect on them. Read about finding love, meeting famous authors, and collecting autographed books. My story within this collection speaks to those of us who felt the need to hide our interest in books and how I eventually came to peace with both it and myself.

Who is TAF

TAF is a writing and editing group in the Raleigh area of North Carolina. It stands for Triangle Association of Freelancers. We meet once a month to discuss the craft of both fiction and nonfiction. We have been lucky enough to have guest speakers share their wisdom, and we host a conference, Write Now, annually. While the monthly meetings are informative, it’s the email discussions that bring real value. If you live in the area, please consider joining.

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